Owner: Kennth C. Parker
Agent/Manager: Darwin W. Parker
7142 Miley Street
Houston, Texas 77028

Aka Lady Ashby

This special little filly was born on 04/30/2000 and she was born with both front legs having bow tenants. She could not stand because both front legs curled back under her like a jackrabbit. I stayed up all night helping her nurse by hold her head up to the breast and stretching her legs. I took her to the vet to have some thing injected into to loose up the tenants and they split them. That went on for several days and it did work for a while, but then after four surgeries on those front legs. After all that she had a developed an abscess on the front part of the upper leg that busted open. Which lead us to laying her down twice a day to dress the wound with an antibiotics ointment and bandage it up. This went on for 6 weeks and she became such a little troop a long with being such a trust worthy little girl for us.

During all this surgery she developed fluids in the lungs and had to stay at Texas A & M Vet College for 55 days, which they suggest putting her down. But we just could not turn loose of her and so the fight was on to save her life, which she had already, proved she could. She was a fighter for life and she pulled threw all that too. As this entire ordeal got behind us, we knew she was a very special angel and we decide that we would donate her to PERSONAL POINES LTD, LA Kay now has her working with handicapped/disabilities children and she has been such a great little trooper with these kids a long with being a great asset to the program.

Below is the following story I got from Kay on her placement with a special family in west Texas and a long with a picture of her and the young woman.

My Special Angel

"This young lady is autistic. Her adopted family thought she was also deaf and mute. For weeks after Fancy's arrival she sat outside the paddock where Fancy and Keelia (Fancy's pinto mare best friend I sent with her) and watched the ponies. Fancy would come to the fence and stand or lie down for as long as the young lady sat on the other side rocking back and forth. Judi, the adoptive mother, heard a strange sound one afternoon shortly after lunch and ran to check it out. Her "silent" autistic daughter was SINGING to Fancy and Fancy was swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the song!!!!!! The child had never uttered a sound before that afternoon!!! The two have become inseparable!! Fancy...aka Lady Ashby...could not care less if her mane and forelock are braided into ponytails and sticking straight up likes a unicorn!!! They LOVE each other!!! Fancy is definitely, what I call a "holy pony with wings." In fact, I refer to all of our ponies as the same!!! Have a blessed day!!"


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